The “I Like Myself” Game

This is a “game” I learned about in a self help book/course I have been taking.

What you do is get a sheet of paper (or open up your favorite word processing program) and proceed to list out all the things you really LIKE about yourself.  Keep writing until you fill the entire page.  And, you go back and read it when you need a shot of affirmation.

I decided to share it with you, gentle readers.  Hope you enjoy… and that you try it for yourself.


Personality Traits

· I like Lizzie’s sense of humor. She can always find something to laugh at…or make other people laugh.
· I like that Lizzie is intelligent. She isn’t afraid to let other people see just how bright and engaged she actually is.
· I like Lizzie’s loyalty. She stands by her family and friends no matter what.
· I like Lizzie’s honesty. She always tries to tell the truth, but she  does it in a way that is tactful and straightforward at the same time.
· I like that Lizzie is organized. She can usually find exactly what she is looking for in just a matter of moments.
· I like that Lizzie is a hard worker. She will do what it takes to get the job done.
· I like that Lizzie is NICE…but not a pushover. She is willing to stand up for herself when needed…but she does it nicely, and in a way that leaves no doubt that she will not put up with bullshit.
· I like how Lizzie’s abundant creativity and imagination are also balanced out by her practicality.
· I like Lizzie’s people skills. She is very diplomatic and can make others around her feel good.
· I like Lizzie’s loving heart. She makes and keeps friends easily.

Physical Traits

· I like Lizzie’s smile. She lights up a room with it.
· I like Lizzie’s big brown eyes. They are beautiful and soft, but also have a mischievous twinkle that leaves no doubt about her sense of humor.
· I like Lizzie’s skin. It is clear, soft, and glows with good health.
· I like Lizzie’s breasts. To quote Teri Hatcher in Seinfeld, “They are real and they are spectacular.”
· I like Lizzie’s legs. They are well shaped and look great in a skirt or dress or when she wears high heels.
· I like Lizzie’s feet. They are pretty and well cared for.
· I like Lizzie’s voice. It is deep, soft, and very sexy in certain circumstances.  🙂


· I like that Lizzie enjoys cooking and gardening, and other “domestic” duties. Her skills make her family’s life and home comfortable and tranquil.
· I like how caring Lizzie is toward animals. It shows she has a loving and warm heart.
· I like Lizzie’s positive and optimistic outlook on life.
· I like how Lizzie doesn’t take herself too seriously. She can laugh at herself very easily.
· I like how strong Lizzie is during tough times. She’s had a few really shitty years, and the fact that she is still standing and looking toward her future with hope and optimism is fabulous.

28 thoughts on “The “I Like Myself” Game

  1. Chris says:

    I don’t know Lizzie, but strangely, I like Lizzie too. I’ve always found meaning in “Pride and Prejudice.”

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